Why service at Milton Nissan?

Why Service Here Maxima Milton Nissan Ontario

We have factory trained technicians.

Every technician must complete in class and on line training sessions to become Nissan Certified, including updates and new material monthly

Other shops may have licensed technicians, but this only covers general mechanics. Your Nissan is full of the latest technology. Only a factory trained technician knows your car completely.

We have state of the art equipment

Nissan continually evaluates equipment required to service your Nissan. Some of these tools can cost over $50,000, and we are required to have this equipment available at all times. This ensures that we have the right tool to do the job. Other shops need to have tools and equipment that span many different makes of vehicles. This will usually result in them having more generic level tools and testing equipment.

We have Nissan tested parts

Nissan quality control tests every part that goes on your Nissan, from a brake pad to an oil filter, it must pass Nissan's quality testing before we will put it on your car.

Other shops may use sub-standard parts that do not meet these guidelines.


We follow Nissan's recommended maintenance guide, and will inform you when your vehicle reaches these intervals. This eliminates the possibility of a warranty claim being denied due to a maintenance issue.


We offer competitively priced services, including basic maintenance and mechanical repair items

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Why Service Here at Milton Nissan

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