Drive Belts

The accessory drive belt(s) on your vehicle perform many functions. The power steering system, alternator (charging system), and a/c system are all driven by the accessory drive belts. On some vehicles, accessory drive belts also drive the water pump, and engine cooling fan. Accessory drive belts wear during normal engine operation, and need to be checked and replaced periodically; you can loose one or more systems if a belt breaks. A broken fan or waterpump belt can cause overheating, and severe engine damage which can result in expensive repairs, or complete engine failure. A broken power steering belt will result in a loss of power assist. A broken alternator belt will cause a loss of electrical power, resulting in a dead battery, and the engine will no longer run.

Make sure that the drive belts on your vehicle are in good condition. This is an important point to keep in mind as you attempt to keep your vehicle reliable and safe. Drive belt replacement is recommended at certain mileage intervals, or as found during routine inspections. This step can save you money by avoiding possible engine damage and costly repairs.

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Following the Nissan maintenance schedule is critical to ensure you keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, to protect your investment and the resale value.

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