Brake Service

Servicing your brake system is key to prolonging your brake life, and to ensure proper braking ability.

Over time, rust & salt build-up can cause brake sliders to seize up, which makes braking harder, and require more pedal effort, and also does not allow the brake pads to release properly, which will also wear the pads and overheat the brake rotors.

Nissan recommends every 12 months, or 24,000km to completely disassemble, clean and lubricate the brake sliders and pins. This will ensure proper braking when you need it the most.

Results of seized brake sliders

Break Service Seized Break Sliders Milton Nissan Ontario Break Service Needed Milton Nissan Ontario


Disassembly Break Service Milton Nissan Ontario

Fully Serviced Brakes

Fully Serviced BrakesMilton Nissan Ontario

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Nissan Brake Service Recommendations

When Do I Need To Service My Brakes?

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